What kind of company is NichiRica?
NichiRica Inc. is a company engaged in the manufacturing and sales of paper-processed products, primarily using natural-derived ingredients that are friendly to the natural environment.

From the in-house formulation of functional adhesives for paper-processed products to coating and processing tailored to customer needs, as well as packaging and shipping, the company offers an integrated manufacturing and sales service.
The Origins of NichiRica
NichiRica Corporation traces its beginnings to 1933, when it was founded in Ushigome, Tokyo, as "Nippon Rika Seishi Co., Ltd."

Initially starting with the production of parchment paper (sulfuric acid paper) as its main business, the company expanded its operations over time to include the manufacturing and sales of speaker cone paper, plywood, packaging gummed tape, envelope sealing tape, self-adhesive tape for masking and tube bundling, special labels, pressure-sensitive postcard paper, and special packaging material sheets, accurately capturing the needs of the era.

Since our inception, we have been committed to quality and innovation, providing products and services that meet the trust and expectations of our customers.

Carrying forward and evolving the spirit of our founding and the technology we have developed in-house, we are promoting the creation of eco-friendly products for the next generation. As a part of the TOMOEGAWA group, we aim for further growth and development.

The Kusanagi Factory at the time of its completion in 1959

NichiRica's Technology
NichiRica creates "functional adhesives" from scratch that can meet the diverse needs and product functions of customers, centering on the main raw material, naturally-derived "starch," and has the know-how to formulate paints that match the product functions. has.

Moreover, we offer a variety of services including paper coating, film coating requiring high cleanliness, accommodating various paint performances and coating widths, and providing roll and sheet processing, special slitting or hole punching, die-cutting, printing, and more.