About NichiRica's Tapes
Features of NichiRica's Tape (Water-Activated Tape)
Consideration for Sustainability
of the Natural Environment
Plastic tapes are removed as contaminants in the recycling process, but NichiRica's Tape (Water-Activated Tape) products use natural materials such as corn for the adhesive, making them environmentally friendly in design. Therefore, they are recycled together with cardboard. It is a sustainable product that is considerate of the natural environment.
High Productivity
Labor Saving and Efficiency
When performing sealing operations, the tape dispenser (tape feeder) provided by NichiRica, compared to commercially available craft adhesive tape hand cutters, can significantly increase work efficiency and improve productivity by more than 20%. Additionally, by using an automatic sealing machine, it is possible to reduce labor and save effort.
The tape prevents theft, tampering, loss, and foreign object contamination as it does not peel off improperly due to overheating or similar issues. This also helps prevent transportation-related problems.
Strong Adhesive Strength
Weather Resistance
The tape forms a strong bond with cardboard, ensuring a perfect seal. It is also resistant to temperature changes, unaffected by freezing or high-temperature storage.
QR Code Printing Capable
Since the tape surface is not coated with a release agent, it is possible to print or write on the tape surface. Printing logos, barcodes, or QR codes is feasible, making it an effective tool for company or product promotion.
The Difference Between NichiRica's Tape (Water-Activated Tape) and Craft Adhesive Tape
NichiRica's Tape(Water-Activated Tape)
A tape made with natural starch glue that develops "adhesive strength" when one side is wetted.
Craft Adhesive Tape
A tape coated with a sticky "adhesive" on paper or fabric.
In general, the majority of tapes used in households are "craft adhesive tapes" that utilize petrochemical-based adhesives. In contrast, NichiRica’s Tape (Water-Activated Tape) adheres when moistened with water, similar to a postage stamp. NichiRica’s Tape (Water-Activated Tape), "RicaTape," uses an odorless, non-toxic starch-based adhesive developed through proprietary technology. It is made from natural ingredients and is 100% water-soluble, easily disintegrating, allowing it to be recycled along with cardboard. In today's world, where environmental issues are of paramount importance, this product is highly valued for its recycling suitability. It is a sustainable product that is friendly to the natural environment and contributes to the future of our planet.
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Comparison of Work Efficiency Between Nichirica‘sTape(Water-Activated Tape) and Craft Adhesive Tape