The Fusion of Technology and Tradition - NichiRica's Mission and Social Contribution through Tape
Since the 1950s, in response to the rapid adoption of cardboard in Japan and the increasing demands from the construction sector, our flagship product, gum tape, has been continuously developed with the aim of achieving one-stop production. This enduring spirit of research and development is still actively pursued today, as we strive to offer products that fulfill our customers' needs from raw materials to end use, thereby maximizing business value and contributing to the prosperity of all stakeholders.
Water-Based and Self-Adhesive Glue Technologies
Our water paste (rewetting activated adhesive) evolved into the current starch-based water paste in the 1960s through in-house research.

We focus on in-house formulation processes, including the dissolution, decomposition, and terminal formulation of various starches, enabling us to control starch raw materials in ways that are difficult for other companies to achieve, thus meeting a wide range of needs

Our company will continue to work hard to meet future social needs, such as the desire to use environmentally friendly tapes that are mainly made of starch.

In response to the growing societal demand for sustainable tapes primarily made from starch, we are committed to continuous improvement and innovation to meet these future needs.

Recently, we have also established coating molding technologies not only for paper media but for synthetic paper and films as well.

Our capabilities go beyond strong self-adhesion; we can adjust the adhesiveness and add extra functionalities using our proprietary blending technology.

If you have needs such as "wanting strong adhesion without the residue of glue," please feel free to consult with us.

*Interfacial vanishing performance refers to the ability of specific materials or chemical substances to blend uniformly upon contact, mixing well to become a single homogeneous material.
NichiRica's Technologies in Various Processes
NichiRica's Technologies in Various Processes
Our company is equipped with multiple blending kilns, mixing kilns, and dispersers, enabling the in-house formulation of various coatings. This equipment allows us to create our main products' adhesives in-house, including gum tape adhesive, self-adhesive glue, crimp postcard adhesive, and various other adhesives. Furthermore, we can respond to customer requests for "creating a specific type of adhesive" in various ways, from design and test formulations to performance verification.
Coating Technology
We own two coating machines, providing optimal coating for both water-based and solvent-based coatings. Our machinery is capable of multiple coating methods, allowing for precise control of the coating amount from thin to thick layers. This enables us to apply coatings in the desired amount according to customer needs, offering various coatings' properties.
Processing technology
Processing Technology With our wide variety of processing machines, we offer processing services to convert products into the desired forms for our customers. We can meet a broad range of requirements, including tape slitting, jumbo roll processing, decorative printing, label die-cutting, special hole punching, push-cut slitting, and flat sheet processing.
We seal and package products according to the format of each product before shipping.

Specifically, we aim to improve work efficiency through automation, such as casing by palletizing, while for particularly large products, our staff carefully handles each item manually.