Environmental Policy
Fundamental Philosophy
NichiRica bases its management philosophy on "Integrity, Social Contribution, and Pioneering Spirit," viewing "harmony between business activities and the environment" as a crucial issue in achieving global environmental conservation. The company is committed to environmental preservation efforts with the participation of all employees.
Basic Policy
NichiRica, based on the following policies, aims for harmony between its activities in research, development, manufacturing, the provision of products and services, and the environment.
  • Set environmental goals and an action plan for environmental activities, strive for their realization, and continuously improve by constructing and operating an environmental management system.
  • Appropriately respond to and comply with environmental laws and regulations and other requirements.
  • Conduct necessary education and training for employees to appropriately implement the construction and initiatives of the environmental management system.
  • Create environmental activity reports and disclose them at any time upon external request. Also, receive environmental complaints and requests from external parties and take necessary actions.
  • Undertake the following items as key measures, striving to prevent global warming, effectively utilize resources, and promote the prevention of environmental pollution
    • Strive to develop environmentally friendly products.
    • Aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Reduce the generation of industrial waste.
    • Manage wastewater and strive for the improvement and preservation of the local environment.
    • Manage environmental substances and chemicals contained in products, aiming to reduce and eliminate their use.
Environmental Actions
CO2 Reduction
  • Implementation of eco-friendly equipment
  • Electricity demand management
Reduction of Environmental Impact Substances
  • Design and development of environmentally friendly products
  • Management of chemicals contained in products
Resource Separation
Resource Separation
Initiatives for SDGs
Through Eco Action 21 activities, we aim to reduce environmental impact and strive for the realization of a sustainable society.
Environmental Management Report
Please check the environmental management report here.